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An intimate film following an international cast of three generations of women artists from Cairo, France, Germany, Iran, the United States and the United Kingdom all forging their careers in the London art scene.

The film takes you on an intimate but fast-paced journey, moving the lens between art and life to reveal the dynamic and multi-faceted story of this enigmatic calling.

It's in the negotiation between art and life, that the artist emerges.

“COLLAGE TO MONTAGE” follows the artist, Charlotte Hodes, over the course of a year as she prepares for her first solo show at the Marlborough Fine Arts, London. Working simultaneously on ceramics and large-scale paper works, Hodes’ fascination with the sensuality of 18th century French Rocco and the female figure is transposed into a 21st century idiom through the use of drawings, photographs, digital manipulation, transfers and collage.

Film installations for theaters in the Rock 'N’ Roll Hall Of Fame Museum, Cleveland, Ohio - Usa.

Film installation for Freud Museum in London and Sigmund Freud Museum in Vienna.

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