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Under The Knife tells the story about the covert dismantling of the NHS that is going on right now.

It tells a story of greed, deception and how a law was passed, without public debate, that would transform the NHS into an eventual American type of health service and open the oyster of the most respected institution in the country to the highest bidder.

A biographical film that turns into a Shakespearian tragedy.

Edward R Murrow. the father of broadcast journalism set the standard of integrity in journalism. His London based radio broadcasts during the blitz, helped persuade America to drop it’s policy of isolation and fight along side Britain and France.
Ten years later, in the 1950’s, Murrow  was the sole television journalist to risk his career by taking on the notorious Senator Joseph McCarthy.

Getting into the world of ‘60 Minutes’ is like getting inside the world of BBC’s  ‘Panorama’. “90 Minutes on 60 Minutes” is not only a profile of the man who created the most profitable and influential news program on television, but of the institution itself. This is an access based, behind the scenes, documentary special on America, and much of the world’s, most watched TV news magazine program.

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