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Documentary Producer / Director

Susan Steinberg

Susan Steinberg

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Susan Steinberg

Born in Chicago, lives in London, UK.


Susan Steinberg is an Emmy Award winning writer, director and producer best known for her work on PBS series American Masters in the United States before moving to the UK.

Her documentaries have been described as definitive, emotional, painstakingly structured and brilliant broadcast journalism. 

Moving to London in 2004, Steinberg was drawn to the international female art scene. With her experience as a biographer, she set out to make a collective biography on three generations of artists over the course of four years.

The result is an intimate film about ten extraordinary artists: Mirrors to Windows: The Artist as Woman.


Steinberg has always been interested in picking up the curtain in order to understand what goes on behind the scenes. In 2018 she embarked on a historic political investigative film, UNDER THE KNIFE, with producer Pam Kleinot, to tell the story of how the National Health Service in the United Kingdom went from being the best in the world to reaching its tipping point 70 years later.

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