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 “The filmmaker Susan Steinberg takes a perceptive approach to her subject, having Mr. Ertegun interviewed by a revolving cast of music-world gods and egomaniacs: figures like Ms. Aretha Franklin and Mr. Eric Clapton, but also Robert Plant, Lyor Cohen, David Geffen, Mick Jagger, Phil Collins and Mr. Ray Charles (in his last filmed interview). This could have seemed forced, but the reverse is true: the scenes come alive in part because both players have roughly equal status and really do come through as a series of conversations, with both parties seeming to enlighten each other.” - New York Times May 2007




“A definitive TV portrait of America’s greatest broadcast journalist…. a first-rate show . . .for anyone interested in the history of broadcasting, this two-parter is a must.” - The Associated Press

“Best of all, it selects, with uncommon and impressive care and taste, those moments from the Murrow radio and TV archives that resonate with the most power, intelligence and innovation.” - New York Post, David Bianculli

“. . .important and impressive. . . the radio segments selected by Steinberg are mesmerizing.” - Los Angeles Times, Howard  Rosenberg


“. . . a poignant and enriching documentary.”  - Chicago Sun-Times, Daniel Ruth


“The biographical material alone makes “Edward R. Murrow” a superb production.  Even better is the analysis of Murrow’s contributions.  This is a program that would have made him proud.” - Kansas City Star





“Tonight’s American Masters profile of broadcast journalist Don Hewitt is itself a brilliant piece of broadcast journalism.” New York Daily News, Eric Mink

“Filmmaker Susan Steinberg decided to focus on the process of putting the show together, and she got unprecedented access to do so.  What results is a fascinating inside look at famous egos going about the mundane details of their work, fussing and fighting all the way.” - Newsweek


Don Hewitt:  90 Minutes on 60 Minutes catches the personality of the man and his creation . . . a smart profile that is also an appreciation of the effort and skill that goes into first-rate television journalism.” - The New York Times, Walter Goodman


“Not even Mike Wallace could have done a better job of catching this tiger [Hewitt] in the middle of one big roar.” - TV Guide, The Robins Report





“A wonderfully evocative film, telling of a human endeavor that lurked between the noble and the clinically mad . . . “If you’re not there, you’re not alive,” ran one newspaper headline of the time.  It was almost true.” - The Daily Express London


“An elegant film.” - The Independent




“This is more than a film, or a concert, or just another look at a pop icon.

This is a biography, a solid documentary effort that takes a broad look at and around its subject in order to bring back something greater and put it in perspective.  It’s a front-row center backstage pass reflection of the man.” - Hollywood Reporter, Rick Sherwood


“Susan Steinberg gives us an in-depth study of a man it seems impossible to know.” - New York Newsday, John Anderson


“Equal parts critical bio and tour documentary, this Paul Simon profile is an exemplary reappearance of PBS’ American Masters series, in which an artist’s creative development is yoked to his human progress . . . this does it with intelligence and grace.” - USA Today


“I was expecting music and biographical insights, and got plenty of both.  What I wasn’t expecting was tense drama and an emotional roller-coaster ride — but I got plenty of that too — painstakingly structured . . . this American Masters profile is a class act, about another class act.  Like Simon’s music and lyrics, it leaves you entertained, impressed and enriched.” - New York Post




The strongest episodes cover punk and the development of folk rock.  Episode 4, “Plugging In,” which covers Dylan and his influence from 1964 through ‘69, works the best, which is produced and directed by Susan Steinberg. - Daily Variety


“The team behind this ambitious series is out at every turn to brighten the journey with imagination and, crucially, rare footage.” - Los Angeles Times, Robert Hilburn



Article on "Cocksucker Blues”

The following is featured on the San Francisco International Film Festival website. Susan Steinberg worked as an editor on “Cocksucker Blues”, which documented The Rolling Stones 1972 tour of North America.

Interview on "Atlantic Records: The House That Ahmet Built”

This is an interview with Susan Steinberg from the PBS website about her documentary Ahmert Ertegun, the founder of Atlantic Records.

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